About Us

The story behind WharfWarp

Maine is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history and LOBSTER. We are proud to call it home! We are a husband and wife team and lifelong Mainers. After recent career changes, we are stepping out and focusing on our creative sides.

It all began in 2016.  We'd gathered some old unwanted rope from a local wharf, created a few items and successfully sold them at a local craft show.  With much encouragement and enthusiasm from customers and other vendors we decided to make a go of it.  And so evolved WharfWarp.

We acquired the remnants of a rope pile that was part of the 2009 lobster rope buyback program.  The two of us untangled, picked, sorted and hauled approximately 12 tons of rope into our backyard. Phew! It was worth the upfront effort to have a colorful rainbow of rope readily available and only steps away.

Our workshop is equipped with self-made jigs for weaving, tools for cutting, joining and finishing rope, a pellet stove to warm us and lots of podcasts for amusement.

Our days are spent selecting, measuring, cutting, weaving, washing and finishing the rope.  We both fully participate in all aspects of WharfWarp from sourcing rope to shipping orders.  We cherish our time together working from our barn and don't miss our previous lives full of schedules, appointments and office work.