Upcycled - To reuse (something) in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item: to create an object of greater value from a discarded object of lesser value.

Float rope - Multi-colored ropes previously used by Maine lobstermen to tether underwater traps together, also known as pot warp, lobster rope, poly rope.

Welcome mat - Like a doormat but classier and brings some real curb appeal. Available in three standard sizes, regular, medium and large.

Oversized mat - Any mat bigger than our large welcome mat of 48" x 27" size, for use in larger areas like mudrooms, porches, patios and decks. Mats can be made up to approximately 4' x 8' in size.

Shorts - Undersized lobsters or "shorts" must be released safely back to the wild to grow more. Our short rope pieces are also saved but we bond them together to create longer strands. These eco-friendly "shorts" mats and wreaths further reduce our waste output and create one-of-a-kind products.

Classic - Some rope colors were just more popular with the lobstermen. These designs use the most abundant rope in our stock. They can easily be made in custom sizes and multiples with a very similar look.

One & Only - Truly one of a kind, made from rope we cannot reproduce.  When they are gone, they are gone for good.

Indoor Use - These mat products are made with a barefoot-friendly feeling rope.  They do not drain or dry as quickly so are well suited for inside use. (Perfectly good outdoors as well)

Outdoor Use - These mat products are made with a firm non-absorbent rope; they drain and dry quickly and are well suited for outside conditions. (Perfectly good indoors as well)

Tracer - Or "flecks" are additional colors which manufacturers add into their rope for identification purposes.  For our purposes tracer colors add a little extra bling to our designs.