Custom, Size and Fit

In addition to the standard sizes listed below, we also offer custom sizes and patterns limited to our rope colors we have in stock.  Please contact us with the exact size, length, color(s) or pattern you are seeking.  We will provide you options and pricing.

Our handmade products have the approximate sizing below, +/- 1 inch.  We do our best to maintain uniformity in sizing, but there will always be a slight variation.  In particular the mat and rug weave can flex a little larger and smaller in either direction.

Standard Sizes

Approximate size in inches
Step Sized Welcome Mat 33" length x 15" width x 1.25" depth
Stoop Sized Welcome Mat 33" length x 18" width x 1.25" depth
Regular Welcome Mat 33" length x 21" width x 1.25" depth
Medium Welcome Mat 39" length x 24" width x 1.25" depth
Large Welcome Mat 49" length x 27" (max) width x 1.25" depth
Runner (Oversized Mat) 74" length (max) x 27" width (max) x 1.25" depth

Custom sizes are available. Maximum size 74"x27"

Small Wreaths 12"-14" diameter, 1" thick max
Classic Wreaths 16"-17" diameter, 1" thick
Mariner Wreaths 14"-18" (max) diameter, 1.5" thick

Custom sizes are not available. Maximum diameter 18"

Pet Leashes 6' length, 3/8" diameter rope

Custom lengths are available.

Garland 9' length

Custom lengths are available.

Swings Deck and Rope
Standard 21"-24" wide, 1"-3" thick and 15'-20' rope length

Custom lengths are available.